Italian Civic League - Founded 1932 Rochester, NY

Sons & Daughters of Italy - Vincent Lombardi Lodge

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Founding Date: 1905 in NYC
Number of Members: 100+
Purpose: The Order of the Sons of Italy in America is a fraternal organization of men and women. Nationally, it's one-half million family membership represent a very broad cross-section of the Italian American population. A large organization with an excellent community system, it strongly respects God, country and family values. Its activities show a deep respect and regard for Italian heritage and culture, while concentrating on the richness of life in America.

The goal of OSIA, as originally conceived by its founders, was to unite in one organization, all people of Italian heritage regardless of their religious, political or personal opinions.

They sought to preserve and disseminate the rich cultural heritage and language of Italy; and to promote and advance a positive image role model within the framework of American society.

We invite you to join us as we work to continue the efforts of the founders of this organization.
Officers: Marjorie Focarazzo - President
Marisa Rubé Przepiora - Vice President
Sandra Meleca - Immediate Past President
Joseph A. Rubé, Jr. MD - Orator
Patricia Bartholomew - Recording Secretary
Vincent Giannantonio - District VIII State Trustee
Melissa DiStaffen - Financial Secretary
Carol Ann DiNicola - Treasurer
Lillian Bonanni - Mistress of Ceremony
Luigi DiFilippo - Sentinal
Ed Groszewski - Master of Ceremony
Louis DeCarolis - Trustee
Ronald Santoli - Trustee
Tom Meleca - Trustee
Catherine DiNicola - Trustee
Jeremy DiFilippo - Trustee
Patricia Galante - Chaplain
Delegates: Palma Fratto - State Deputy to Vincent Lombardi Lodge
Louis Giambra - Bene Emeritus
Sister Carole Proia - Chaplain Emeritus
Jeremy DiFilippo - State Deputy to Geneva Lodge
Phone: 585-749-5346
Address: 84 Mulcahy Blvd, Rochester NY 14624
Meeting Place: Eyer Building East Rochester
Membership Information: Membership is $70 the first year (with $10 going to the national grand lodge for registration) and $60 each year thereafter.
Membership Application: Application.doc
Upcoming Events - Sons & Daughters of Italy - Vincent Lombardi Lodge
August 10, 2024 2:00 pm Members Picnic Sons & Daughters of Italy - Vincent Lombardi Lodge