Italian Civic League - Founded 1932 Rochester, NY

Member Organizations

Caltanissetta Society

Frank DiMino Casa Italiana of Nazareth University
The Casa Italiana of Nazareth College is a center for studying, appreciating and
celebrating the Italian and Italian-American experience.

Gaeta Society of Monroe County
Societa Marinai Elenese was founded in June 6, 1911 to help the families from Gaeta Italy who settled in the Rochester, NY area. After 75 years of friendship, support, dinners, dances, and the everyday fellowship we take for granted, the Society became the Gaeta Society and continues today. Now, after 100 years, we still follow our purpose
"The Society has the aim of mutual aid to its components... for the collective welfare and protection of its members with such means either moral or material."

Gates Amita Club
To promote a better feeling of fellowship among its members through the active participation in social and civic programs.
Our entertaining monthly events and popular annual dinner dances continue to be the source of funds for donations to many organizations within the Town of Gates.

ITALEO Italian American Law Enforcement Officers
Italian-American Law Enforcement Officers of Greater Rochester, New York
ITALEO, founded in 1993, is an association dedicated to preserving and honoring the wonderful Italian heritage among Italian-Americans in law enforcement and to further develop camaraderie among its members.
ITALEO is affiliated with the National Coalition of Italian-American Law Enforcement Organizations and has established ties to associations in New York City, New Jersey and Toronto.

Italian American Community Center (IACC)
Sustain the vitality and cultural vibrancy of Italo American heritage by strengthening family life, uplifting human services, binding together the diverse historical traditions of Italians, and honoring the legacy of Italian immigration to the United States.

Italian American Sport Club (IASC)
The Italian American Sport Club (IASC) was formed in the late 40's by a group of Italian immigrants in love with the game of soccer. The IASC became nationally known, at least in the world of soccer, when in 1963 won the USA Amateur Soccer Cup. In 2003 the IASC built a 6,000 square foot building at 1250 Buffalo Road in the town of Gates, New York. On almost three acres of land donated by Olindo and Filomena DiFrancesco, and moved to this location at the end of the same year. Since moving to the new residence the IASC has witnessed the tremendous growth; over 500 members have joined the club. Today we have over 600 members! During the past Fifty years the club has been very involved in adult and youth soccer.

Italian Civic League (ICL)
We, Americans of Italian extraction or origin, to promote the general welfare of our community by participation in the civic and social life of our community and by promoting Italian traditions and culture not inconsistent with our American institution or laws and to bind ourselves in closer fraternity.
- Preamble to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Italian Civic League, Rochester, NY

Italian Women’s Civic Club (IWCC)
The Italian Women's Civic Club (IWCC) was, organized in 1919 by 20 civic-minded women who joined efforts to educate women voters in citizenship, study civic concerns, and work for the beautification of Rochester. They soon discovered that education played a key role in fulfilling these goals.
The Dante Scholarship Fund was created in 1921 to assist young men and women of italian Heritage in pursuing a college education. The scholarship was named after the great Italian poet, Dante Aligheri, giving recognition to the first native to write in the italian language. To raise money for this fund, the IWCC joined with the Dante Aligheri Society and help their first scholarship dance. The Aligheri Society disbanded shortly thereafter and full responsibility of continuing this event waas assumed by the IWCC.
Mission - "Service to others rather than self"

POSITIVE - Italian Style
POSITIVE is an acronym for ?Proud Old School Italians Traditional Italian Values Everlasting?

The group is about establishing POSITIVE in the world, through Random Acts of Kindness, Paying it Forward, Supporting & Celebrating each other and the Italian Culture, and Being the GOOD You Want to See in the World

POSITIVE: A true community focus - inclusive of many of the other Italian Organization and Italian Community members to promote solidarity through active participation / interaction in Various Italian Events of multiple Italian Organizations

POSITIVE is unique in that we cumulatively Post, Promote and Support various Italian Organizations, Italian information and/or celebrations, not just our own.

 Kindness/Love are Free Scatter that stuff every where. 
 Kind words/ compliments cost nothing and often mean so much. 

MOTTO: Be the Good You Want to See in the World

Individuals can join through Facebook "POSITIVE Italian Style". If you do not have a Facebook account feel free to e-mail:

Sicilian Sport Club
To support and promote an appreciation of italian culture, athletics, including the sport of soccer amongst the local populace, including but not limited to the population of the metropolitan area of Monroe County.

Sons & Daughters of Italy - Vincent Lombardi Lodge
The Order of the Sons of Italy in America is a fraternal organization of men and women. Nationally, it's one-half million family membership represent a very broad cross-section of the Italian American population. A large organization with an excellent community system, it strongly respects God, country and family values. Its activities show a deep respect and regard for Italian heritage and culture, while concentrating on the richness of life in America.

The goal of OSIA, as originally conceived by its founders, was to unite in one organization, all people of Italian heritage regardless of their religious, political or personal opinions.

They sought to preserve and disseminate the rich cultural heritage and language of Italy; and to promote and advance a positive image role model within the framework of American society.

We invite you to join us as we work to continue the efforts of the founders of this organization.

St. John Fisher University Italian Program

St. Nicholas Society
The Welfare Society of St. Nicola di Tolentino, better known as the ST. NICHOLAS SOCIETY, was incorporated in April 1926. Its purpose was to address the needs of the recently arrived Italian immigrants. St. Nicholas Hall was built by these men as a gathering place for the Italian-American community. Today our purpose is to continue to participate in building a strong community while celebrating our vibrant Italian culture.

St. Padre Pio Institute
The Saint Padre Pio Institute of Rochester, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization, established in Rochester, New York to promote devotion to St. Padré Pio through the creation of a chapel to benefit the entire community, to support other religious activities that are specifically approved by the Diocese of Rochester, related to Padré Pio and to the tenents of the Roman Catholic Church

Open Daily 10am-4pm
Prayer Group Mondays at 7pm
Rosary Wednesdays 3pm-4pm
Tours are Welcome call 585-594-5220 or 585-621-6703

Valguarnera Society

Upcoming Events
July 11, 2024 7:00 pm Scholarship Awards Night Sons & Daughters of Italy - Vincent Lombardi Lodge
July 26, 2024 5:00 pm Members Picnic Gaeta Society of Monroe County
August 4, 2024 10:00 am Gates Amita Picnic Gates Amita Club
August 10, 2024 2:00 pm Members Picnic Sons & Daughters of Italy - Vincent Lombardi Lodge
August 11, 2024 10:00 am ITALEO Picnic ITALEO Italian American Law Enforcement Officers