Italian Civic League - Founded 1932 Rochester, NY

St. Nicholas Society

Founding Date: September 10, 1923
Number of Members: 72
Purpose: The Welfare Society of St. Nicola di Tolentino, better known as the ST. NICHOLAS SOCIETY, was incorporated in April 1926. Its purpose was to address the needs of the recently arrived Italian immigrants. St. Nicholas Hall was built by these men as a gathering place for the Italian-American community. Today our purpose is to continue to participate in building a strong community while celebrating our vibrant Italian culture.
Officers: Mark Barbero - President
John Nicastro - Vice President
Mary Felice Tochelli - Secretary, ICL Board Delegate
Nick Redanty - Treasurer
Peter Pullano - Social Lawyer, ICL Delegate
Jim Dunn - Financial Secretary
Delegates: Peter Pullano - Council
Rudy Uglialoro - Council
Nino Spano - Council, ICL Delegate
Tom Posella - Council
Sam Zagar - Council
Rosanne Fabi - ICL Delegate
Joe DiFabio - Council
Marilyn Lipstiz - Council
Phone: 585-355-9093
Address: 206 Madison Street 14445
Meeting Place: St. Nicholas Hall 206 Madison Street, East Rochester
Membership Information: Regular membership is for those from Italy or of Italian ancestry. Yearly dues are $60, which includes voting privileges. Social membership is open to other community members who support our goals. Membership fee is $50/ yearly without voting privileges. Membership benefits include discounts on hall rental and some club events
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